The Other Side of Fluoride

Fluoride - according to the CDC it is one of the top 10 greatest health achievements of the 20th century.

They boast that water fluoridation single handedly decreased tooth decay across the boards - and saved the world from cavities.

They also boast the water fluoridation is completely safe, and free of harmful side effects.

But is this true?

Let's have a little closer look into fluoride and the history behind it.

Now that we have the exact opposite side of the story - where does the truth actually lie? Let's take a look at the data.

The first thing I'd like to point out - is that the United States (nor anywhere in the world) has any "official" study showing the potential health problems that can arise from consuming fluoride. Nor is there one single study showing the health of those who drink fluoride vs those who do not. So anyone that says "drinking fluoride is safe and effective" will have absolutely no data or studies to back up this claim.

The next problem is - consuming fluoride has not been shown to decrease the rate of cavities anywhere except in "cherry-picked" studies. The following data from the World Health Organization will help show you what I mean:

As you can see - in any country - fluoridated or not - the tooth decay rates are the exact same (or very nearly). So - if the largest studies in the world show no difference in tooth decay levels between countries that fluoridate and those that don't - how can they say consuming fluoride prevents tooth decay?

Long story short - they're lying.

Let's talk the history of how this came to be.

Back in the 1940's, there was an excess of fluoride from the production of Uranium and Phosphate fertilizers. This fluoride byproduct was (and is) exceptionally toxic - so much so that they were not allowed to dump it in rivers, lakes, groundwaters - so much so that they even had to "scrub" it from the smokestacks of the factories where it was a by-product because it was so toxic - it was poisoning the air.

At this time it was (and is) exceptionally expensive to dispose of this waste. So the companies devised a plan that only those with the lowest of character could - they cherry picked studies from towns that had NATURALLY occurring fluoride in their water.

They went around and found towns that had higher levels of naturally occurring drinking water and had lower levels of tooth decay than those towns that did not. Granted - they had to hunt around until they found data that fit their plan.

When they did finally cherry pick enough towns until they had data that would fit their narrative - they then bribed a judge with $770,000 to make adding this artificial fluoride to water mandatory to "protect people's teeth". Of course - the used the studies they had cherry picked to provide "science" that fluoride was good for teeth.

Now you need to grasp what exactly they did here. By cherry picking these studies and getting fluoride ADDED to your water supply - these companies not only no long had to pay to have their toxic waste disposed - the GET PAID to put their hazardous waste into your water supply instead. Talk about "trimming the fat" on their budget huh?

Now I wouldn't be a very good "scientist" if I didn't tell you what the fluoride in your water actually was:

This is precisely the stuff that is in your toothpaste and dumped into your water supply. Do you notice the giant "POISON" warnings and "Do Not Ingest" words right on the labels? I'm no rocket scientist - but pretty sure that would mean dumping it into the water supply would not magically make it safe.

Here's a video on what happened when the fluoride added to your water supply was spilled on the concrete outside of a water treatment plant:

You heard that right - the fluoride that is added to your water, when spilled - eats holes in concrete.

Call me a logical thinking man - but I would love someone to explain how something that eats holes in concrete somehow makes your teeth stronger.

Think of ANY other vitamin, supplement, nutrient, ANYTHING that you would take for your health - that eats holes in concrete.


The next crazy part - is that the fluoride added to your water supply is SO TOXIC that YOU as an average person - cannot buy it. That's right - it's so good for you - you can't buy it as a person. Let that sink in for a second.

It should also be noted - part of the reason you can't buy it - is because

FLUORIDE IS THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN SARIN NERVE GAS - because fluoride is a potent neurotoxin.


Now that we have heard about how fluoride came to be in the water supply - let's take a look at the data that shows it's toxic effects. The first study comes from Harvard - I like to use this as a starting example because if something comes from Harvard - people tend to listen more: In the study they found that high levels of fluoride had a detrimental effect on cognitive IQ - essentially those that had the fluoride were dumber. They also followed up with this study:

They argue the exact same points that I do - it toxic at any level, and it in reality demonstrates zero ability to alter cavity levels. I also enjoy this quote from Harvard that is exceptionally spot on: “Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”

One of my next favorite links is this one: In this link they have complied over 300 different studies that show the toxic effects of fluoride on the human body. Toxicity includes neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, higher levels of inflammation, and many, many more. Feel free to bring this compilation to your dentist (the same one filling your mouth full of mercury - different post for a different day) when they claim fluoride is safe.

Remember - this is in contrast to the US Government being completely unable to produce even one safety study on fluoride proving its safety when consumed.


Funny enough - the US Government has recently admitted that it has been over-fluoridating the country for over half a century:

The results here are because of something that kept popping up called "Dental Fluorosis" - or teeth that become ruined due to an EXCESS of fluoride intake - as demonstrated below:

The problem is - the damage isn't just done to teeth - it's representative of the damage done across the whole body. This isn't just a "cosmetic" deformation - it's indicative of the level of damage the whole body has suffered. Remember how teeth are made of calcium - well guess what other piece of your body is made of calcium? Your bones. You may find a just a few of the articles pointing this out here:

So ok - things aren't sounding so good for fluoride are they?


Well - we actually have to keep going.

Next up we have Dr. Dean Burk where you may read about all of his accomplishments here: The problem is - this is one of the only scientists who actually understood how toxic fluoride actually was.

We're not talking some tin-foil-hatted nutjob - we're talking one of the world's leading cancer researchers at the time (and arguably still one of the greatest).

While this may seem a little outrageous - remember I linked 300 studies on the toxicity of fluoride before? Many of them involve cancer - in stark contrast to the ZERO safety studies that can be provided by the US Government.


I would also like to point out the graph below

Ireland is one of the only countries to fluoridate their water in the UK - and above is the percentage increase in health issues that they have. While it could be from many other factors - there are many supporting studies in the previous link that contained 300 different harmful effects from consuming fluoride that mirror exactly what you see here.

You may also note in the graph below - how the only country in the UK to fluoridate their water - also has the worst tooth decay. Another nail in the coffin for the argument against water fluoridation.


As if all the other data weren't bad enough - because fluoride mimics the essential nutrient Iodine - it can also cause thyroid cancers and thyroid disorders. Fluoride will actually displace Iodine due to it having a higher electronegativity rating.

You may also find other sources here: There are many, many more - these are just a few - because I don't have space to link them all.


Ready for the next fun part? Due to the nature of fluoride and its toxicity - fluoride will combine with heavy metals and make them infinitely more toxic. This very well may be the reason the Autism rate in the US is so high - because we use fluoridated water (along with far higher amounts of vaccines loaded with the heavy metal adjuvant aluminum). While this may sound like a loaded statement - I encourage you to look at the effects on the elderly in regards to fluoridated water and aluminum: I hate to break it to you - but we've known this for a very long time.


Alright - so how exactly does fluoride pertain to pregnant women OUTSIDE of all the information above? One of the other things fluoride does is - is inhibits collagen formation. Collagen forms things like skin, ligaments, and umbilical cords.

So people trying to get pregnant should avoid fluoride not only for the health reasons above - but because it can disrupt the ability for the umbilical cord to form and attach to the uterus.

The long story short here - is that is a dangerous neurotoxin that has absolutely no business in our water - nor in anyone's body in any way, shape, or form - and this includes toothpaste. Much like Harvard stated - you wouldn't put Rat Poison into your kids mouth and expect it to be safe because you spit it out, would you?

The jury is out, the facts have spoken - and for once we can actually say -

The Science is Settled.

Get the Fluoride Out.

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